Purple Labradorite Necklace


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This marquise shaped labradorite was hand selected for this necklace. As the pendant moves to different angles, it shows off magnificent flashes of purple, pink and yellow. Added bonus: there is flash on the front and the back of the pendant. This large pendant is convex on the front and flat on the back. It hangs beautifully from a 925 stamped sterling silver chain.

Labradorite is a wonderful stone for energy and aura protection. Especially for empaths. It calms stress, anxiety and fear. An excellent grounding stone as it raises consciousness and strengthens both intuitive and psychic abilities. It was called and believed to be a magic stone when it was first discovered, due to the changing colors throughout the stone.
*For metaphysical purposes only.

- Gemstone - Labradorite, 34.6X22.2mm
- Bail - Stainless steel
- Chain - 925 Sterling Silver, 16 inches

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