Mediumship Reading

A medium is a communicator between two worlds to bring messages. Think of a medium as the telephone between the living world and the spirit on the other side.

Peace of mind, healing, and comfort come from the connection and conversation during a reading. You will leave the reading knowing your person in spirit is safe and well.

During a reading, I provide evidence and information from the person in spirit, so you know we are connecting specifically with your person.

Evidence validating your person in spirit can include their personality, interests, relationships, phrases they used to say, knowing details about something in your life, and much more. The evidence is specific information that a medium or someone outside of the inner circle would not know.

We will discuss topics and questions that you have for your loved one in spirit. Messages are for your highest and greatest good.

30 Min, $75, 1 Hour, $125 

Psychic Reading

A psychic can sense and tap into a person’s energy to bring guidance and healing. A psychic reading is a form of self care that brings healing, clarity, and peace of mind.

During a reading, our guides unite to bring insight into the topics of interest to you.

Your reading is based on you and your life. The knowledge acquired during a reading can help you move forward on your healing path. We can cover many topics during your session. Examples of topics include: questions about your life or a situation, your power, synchronicities, relationships with family and friends, career, and much more.

You can gain clarity around patterns that repeat in your life and life lessons that you agreed to learn while on the Earth plane.

We will review energy protection tools to keep your energy safe so it is serving you for your highest and greatest good.

30 Min, $75, 1 Hour, $125

Welcome! My name is Monica and it is my mission is to offer holistic support for spiritual and healing needs. Every product and service I offer is infused with a genuine intention to uplift and empower. 

Intuitive Readings: For more than 20 years, I have been using my intuitive abilities to empower others on their life paths. I have offered readings that delve deep into the heart of your questions and concerns. Whether you seek clarity in your relationships, career, or personal growth, a reading provides you with meaningful insights that resonate with your soul’s journey.

Artistry in Jewelry and Crystal Sets: Beyond the realm of readings, I channel my creativity into crafting exquisite jewelry pieces that carry not just aesthetic beauty, but also resonate with the energies of the Earth. Each piece is a unique fusion of gemstones, crystals, and intention, designed to enhance your aura and create a harmonious connection between body, mind, and spirit. Additionally, my crystal sets serve as portable sources of positive energy, bringing balance and tranquility to your everyday life.

Cancer Care Kits: My breast cancer journey has been one of resilience, exploration, healing, and connection. During treatment, I documented what helped me with side effects to support those undergoing chemotherapy in the future. I have dedicated significant time to creating cancer care kits.

Each kit is curated to address the side effects of chemotherapy, providing a helpful gift of comfort and relief during a challenging time. Through a combination of healing crystals, soothing essentials, and heartfelt intention, my cancer care kits aim to bring a ray of light to the lives of those fighting the battle against cancer.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Together, let’s explore the realms of intuition, beauty, and wellness.

Blessings and light, 

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