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Psychic and Mediumship readings provide comfort and healing for the mind, body and spirit.

Psychic Reading – In this session we connect with our guides. We focus on topics that you are interested in for guidance, insight and clarity in your life.

Examples include – Your path, overall questions, blocks you are experiencing, repeating patterns in your life and much more. Clients refer to this session as a “therapy session” after spending dedicated time receiving messages about their life.

Sessions Offered:30 Minutes $70, 60 minutes $125

Mediumship Reading – In this session we connect with loved ones in spirit. As we talk to your loved one, I will provide evidence that we are specifically connecting with your person.

I ask them to provide information about their life, their personality, memories and more. We ask them questions based on what you would like to discuss.

This session is comforting and puts your mind at ease knowing your loved one is safe. The experience provides the feeling and knowing that loved ones are closer than we think. A mediumship reading is healing for you and for your person in spirit.

Sessions Offered:30 Minutes $70, 60 minutes $125

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