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Psychic Reading: Communicating with Guides – This session allows you to go within, get in tune with yourself and rediscover aspects of yourself that you may have lost touch with or have not thought about in a long time. This is a time to connect with who you are at your core being and what is important to you on a soul level. During this very healing reading, we will connect with our guides to bring forward messages. The messages are about your life. For example: Questions you have, the path you are on, blocks you may be experiencing, patterns in your life, overall guidance and insight into many topics. Many people describe this type of reading as a “therapy session” after connecting with so many aspects of themselves, when the reading is complete. 

30 Minute Session: $70.00, 60 Minute Session: $125.00

Mediumship Reading: Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit – This session brings a sense of comfort, healing and peace after connecting with loved ones. We will connect with your loved ones in spirit to receive messages, with the intention of the highest and greatest good. As we communicate with your loved ones, a connection is made that provides a sense of knowing that they are alright and nearby in spirit. During the session, I will ask your loved ones to share details about themselves, memories and signs that confirm we are connecting with your loved ones in spirit. Loved ones will feel closer and not as far away as we tend to think.

30 Minute Session: $70.00, 60 Minute Session: $125.00

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